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A highly approved and acclaimed bilingual
teaching method since 1954

A pioneer in terms of bilingual education in France, EIB has been celebrated for its academic excellence (100% success rate at the French Baccalaureate, including 94% with honours), its active learning approach and teaching methods based on benevolence and high standard requirements. 

With exclusive teaching methods that have been approved and acclaimed for more than 60 years, EIB private bilingual schools welcome about 3,000 students with more than 70 nationalities, from Preschool to High School.  

Our project is based upon 3 key points:

  • Start learning English from Petite Section of Preschool:  Founded in 1954, and initially named EAB (Active Bilingual School), EIB has been focusing on early learning of English from the age of 3. Its approach is based upon 3 landmark pre-requirements:
    1) Groups of skill tuition
    2) Qualified native speaker teachers.
    3) Small class policy to support the learning process of the students.
  • Provide the students with a multilingual, international environment: As a partner of UNESCO , EIB’s multicultural, plurilingual dimension is continuously promoted in our teams and students thanks to a unique teaching device: Small-size Immersion Classes and Spanish or Chinese classes in small groups for our students who wish to start to learn these languages from Primary school.
  • Place the child at the heart of knowledges thanks to tailored teaching methods designed for the needs of each child. That’s why, from middle school, maths are taught in groups of skills.


Not sure about the International Class Equivalency between France, UK and the US? Help is at hand:

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The EIB schools emphasise each child’s individual growth, the acquisition of another language and discovering the culture that goes with it. Discover our schools through this video: